Make the upgrade

If you are a professional/qualified nail & beauty technician/salon owner/mobile specialist then you can take advantage of our trade account.

Trade account enables you to have further discounts up to 20% off and prices you normally would buy in-store*. 

For account registration terms & conditions eligibility.

Please send a copy of your nail qualification certificate by email to after you have created your general account.

*in-store may have their own promotional offers and may differ from the website.

In-store customer accounts to shopping online

Please register for the general account and send us a message along with your Shop name and postcode to verify your existing account on our in-store system. We will then upgrade your account within 24hrs.  You will be able to enjoy the same experience as you would when buying at our London store. 

For products that are not available online, please contact our sales on 0208 8855 551 and they will be able to assist you with adding it to your order.